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Thread: A Question for Dick or Glenn

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    Default A Question for Dick or Glenn


    Is it permissible to post a target for viewing on this board without going through the hoops of submission and sending in a Jpeg and waiting for it to appear in the future?

    I have an interesting target but the ID is a numerical structure, 6875-3256 and not the traditional HHHH-HHHH ID used by HRVG.

    There is also feedback but minimal but there is feedback.

    I asked three members in a PM if they would consent; one did, but the other suggested that I try posting it on the board where, if enough sessions were not it might lend itself to analysis.

    I never knew this could be done so I wanted to check first.

  2. Default Aloha Robert...

    Members often post targets to be worked here on the board as you know. There is no problem with posting any reasonable target. One of our requirements was some reasonable effort at the targeteering of potential targets. It would be best to abandon the old target ID and re-targeteer the target to conform with our normal target ID structure.

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    Dick Allgire Guest

    Default Targeteering Instruction

    Also a good idea to have taskers who have been given the targeteering instruction. There is more to it than slapping on an ID.

    Targeteers earn their reputation at HRVG.

    If you give sloppy targets (Not saying you would Robert) but if someone does give sloppy targets not well cued, the viewers struggle. When you give a pristine target and viewers do well, they want to come back for more and will work your projects. By "sloppy" and "pristine" I mean a sloppy target is one that is an unidentified but pretty photo off the internet that the tasker doesn't know much about, or a target that the tasker assigns while watching TV, or on a cluttered desk, or without a clear mind and focused intent.

    Pristine means the tasker put the target pack together with real intent and clarity, and there is a genuine need for the information.

    But Robert, there are always viewers looking for juicy targets.


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    Dick Allgire Guest

    Default One more thing for Robert


    Things get done in the guild when people do them. It is all pretty much self motivated these days. So if you step up and do it, it is a good thing.

    If you get a target up there, then it will probably get worked.


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    Default Cueing the target....

    Thanks for your input.
    I went to the video section of this website but could find nothing about how to cue a target. I looked at Farsight Inst; they have a text that shows how to cue a target THEIR way to get the best results but their way is not HRVG way although they may have some good information.

    I would like to see a DVD showing HRVG Cueing and how to state what the targeteer wants in the most concise way possible so the viewers are not bouncing all over the place. Of course I realize its the viewers responsiblity to stay focused, but still, the Cue is important so that as you already said, it is not a sloppy target.


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