Another thread discusses recent work on E8S6-X6R3 and thank you all viewers who gave data on that.

The work was good and generated a need for more work. So there is a subcue to work this week.

The target has S7 Annex A coordinates:





If you know how to execute S7 Annex A then shoot the directional ideograms and give me lobs. If you can only work the target ID and don't know S7 Annex A protocol, please do session work to S-3 or S4..

P7K2-C5U3 is a subcue to elicit more information about the primary target.

This is well cued, viewers are hitting the signal line. It is significant and will be presented. Do clean work, work on your sketches, if you get data about something, try to get even more detailed data.

DUE before or by Monday Feb 14. (THink of your session as your Valentine's Gift to your sweetheart Dick.) But get it in.

This will be nationally publicized.