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Thread: Still time to do the target

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    Default Still time to do the target



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    Default Couldn't Send

    Hi Robert,

    i tried to send you the target to
    (Also HRVG and both times it was returned undeliverable. Is the address right?


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    WOW! That makes no sense. Dave sent me his session to with no problem. And Phil indicated he was going to send me his session several hours ago after scanning it.

    Try one more time and if that does not work send it to
    Something is going on with the email address or maybe its just YAHOO aqcting up.

    A couple of time Sita told me she never got my attachment when I sent them.

    Anyway try one more time.


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    Phil Guest

    Default You've got mail!

    Sent via your test email.


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    Default Got it

    Thanks Phil. It came through ok at without the underline that it had before.
    You got good data considering how short your session was.


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    Phil Guest

    Default session

    Short!, let's not say short, how about, just you did well with what you had??? Besides, it's all I know right now.


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    You did good!(:-)
    Everyone did fine in fact.
    Thanks again for your taking the time.

    click here or cut and paste:
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Dick Allgire Guest

    Default Working target


    I was sick with the Black Plague for a week, but now back on my feet and have a little time. I'll probably work this today (Saturday) and email it to you later tonight.


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    Default spring

    Spring came early here and I've been I will catch the one due in by 31 March.

    Thanks for the lead time and steady targets. I really appreciate it!

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    Default Michele

    Tried to send you a PM but looks like the site is acting up again.

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