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Thread: Lol nice new board but didnt..

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    Default Lol nice new board but didnt..

    Hi guys nice new board and I look forward to discusiing Rv with you - but I do have to make a little dig - especially as i remember negative comments toward TKR a little while back because you had to register to use the services - and now u have to do the same here

    other than this - look forward to discusiion with y'all.


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    It was preferable to maintain our old board and archiving system as open, but recent attacks on the board by advertisers forced us to make a few changes. The illicit nature of some of the advertisements were vile as well as sexually disgusting. I cannot allow this type of activity on our forum. It is a statement of the times here in the internet world. There was little else to do.

    Perhaps now in the absense of all the filth it will be nice again.


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