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Thread: Greetings from Kwajalein

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    Default Greetings from Kwajalein

    Hi all,
    I am on a coral Atoll in the South Pacific. I think Amelia Earhart's plane went down near here. If so, I can see why she was never found. After the reef end, the water drops down over a thousand feet.

    It's a beautiful island, but you need to have a reason to come here and it is always official. Yesterday I rode my bicycle around the entire island. No one has cars here and what few there is..mostly trucks and golf carts are Army owned property used for business. Everyone shops by bicycle. There is even a golf course here..looks like 9 holes here and the other 9 on another Atoll called Roi. The small boat marina has a family of nurse sharks who hang out for the fish drippings. They look harmless, but on the other side of the island are black tipped sharks who don't seem that friendly. The fishes here are like Hanauma Bay on Oahu, but the difference is, these are toxic from eating the poison coral.

    Just wanted to chime in to say hello or Yokwe as the Marshallese say.


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    You have my imagination rolling Sita! I suppose it's not allowed to post some photos?

    Speaking of which, I would love to see some photos from Hawaii where all you guys live. As a kid I always wondered what it looks like. Some of the sights and nature backdrops. I know I can look in Google Earth, but it's not the same.

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    Default Nice job on ISHP-PCKR

    Everyone, has done an excellent job on the ISHP target, and I DO MEAN EXCELLENT!

    There is still time for everyone to get their sessions in before the 31st deadline.


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    Default Kwajalein

    Thanks for letting us know you're OK in Kwajalein!

    When the Japanese tsunami spread, it wasn't clear which parts of the Pacific were out of reach... and coral atolls seem pretty short!

    As I recall, my dad was there just after WWII as a sailor during "Operation Crossroads". He described the area as beautiful ...but he definitely didn't mention a golf course.

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    Golf courses? More like sand traps!

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