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Thread: ISHP-PCKR Feedback.

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    Default ISHP-PCKR Feedback.

    The Target was Shiprock New Mexico.

    Everyone did exceptionally well.

    Shiprock is an extinct volcano and is a place people come all times of the year. DAVE not only drew the volcano but the arm that extends from it's base and stretches out several thousand feet. COEN also did excellent work as did Phil.

    For additional information about Shiprock go to this webpage:

    Now we come to DICK. Dick told me he began to do the target but out of nowhere his sub jumped to the tragic happenings in Japan; his whole session was about the eathquake and the tsunami. Its best we let Dick tell you what happened in his own words.
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    Last edited by Robert; 2011-Apr-02 Sat at 08:46. Reason: Wrong information: people NOT alllowed to climb shiprock because of religious significance.

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    Dick Allgire Guest

    Default Japan Nuclear Disaster Precog

    On 3/11/11 at 2 pm Hawaii time I felt compelled to remote view something. I selected Robert's target that was tasked by email and internet posting.

    I immediately saw the landform and sensed it as natural, simplex and static.

    Then I moved to a smoking radioactive building. This session was done at 4:30 pm Hawaii time on 3/11/11, about 3 hours prior to the Japan earthquake. The session was sent to Robert and time and date stamped prior to the event.

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