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    I was so close! I'm in the last stages of major organization in the new apt. I got my bedspread and curtains made and at last..I got some shelving up and was taking the tubs out to the storage shed in the last push for awhile.

    Opened up our shed door here in the apt and there is a possum! Of course it's Saturday and no animal control available. I don't have any idea how he got in there and he shows no signs of leaving. Worse, he is obviously a young one so I'm afraid there are more. There is a big one that roams around the grounds at night and I'm praying she did not get in there and have babies. I'm stuck until hopefully the city comes out to remove it or it wanders away. So much for getting done this weekend. To make matters worse, instead of clearing clutter out to the shed, we had to bring in what we had unloaded and now it's worse than when we started.

    So much for getting done this weekend and relaxing. Now, it will be towards next weekend before I'm done with major projects darn it! I can't get back to viewing till I've got organization issues resolved. I cannot stand clutter and we've been living with it for about a year while I worked gobs of overtime.

    I miss viewing...wahh...

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    Dick Allgire Guest

    Default Possum Recipes

    Actually, I'm a vegetarian, but here are some ideas for your possum problem.

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    SOOooooo, your playing possum for awhile? Hahahahahahaha!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dick Allgire View Post
    Actually, I'm a vegetarian, but here are some ideas for your possum problem.
    I didn't even hit the link. Those things are just nasty. It's rare for me to not like 'baby' animals, but I had no pleasure in this. They are just big rats to me! Course, in some countries animals like these are delicacies, but I will pass! Yech..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert View Post
    SOOooooo, your playing possum for awhile? Hahahahahahaha!
    LOL! Apparently, the young ones are not capable of playing possum for very long. When we first pulled the boxes out where it was curled up behind, I did think it was dead. But, we hauled ass outta there and were watching it from outside the balcony. In just minutes, it started twitching it's ears.

    When I went back on the porch to get our boxes out, it actually hissed at me! The website said they would play possum for anywhere from 40 minutes to 4 hours.

    I don't know how it was alive in there. I suspect that it was small enough to go under the door, but it had obviously been in there awhile. We cut up an apple and left it by the door and then went inside. I figured it would be nightfall before it left.

    But, it took some of the apple and hauled ass for parts unknown while we were on the phone with animal control. He assured us based on it's size that it would be on it's brothers and sisters. And he said once you discover their location they rarely come back.

    So, I did get a chance to finish up! I still have shelving left to hang, but that's for another weekend. At least there is much less clutter now!

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    Aloha Michele,

    Thanks for the story I kinda miss possums really. Had them in stew when I was young but its been awhile since I had any. Ozia my Grandmother always had one in a birdcage for supper when the cupboard was running low. They are a bit hard to look at but yummy in the pot.


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    They are a unique breed! They do get big tho! I know they are not aggressive, but they have some serious claws on 'em. My biggest concern was rabies of course. My parents have one that is just huge. It has the good grace to live under the shed tho, not in it.

    My parents sun room has a cat door and that possum will come right in the house and eat the cat food. We discovered it when the cats (three at the time) were standing guard on the cat door. They must have caught it's scent and they were quite literally waiting on it to come in. I guess they figured they didn't mind sharing the back yard, but coming in to eat the cat food just crossed the line!

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    HUmmmm. Maybe that will be my next RV target for you! A POSSUM! Theh heh heh heh

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