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Thread: US Military Continues Remote Viewing Training

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    Dick Allgire Guest

    Default US Military Continues Remote Viewing Training


    Dick Allgire, Vice President Hawaii Remote Viewers' Guild

    I did a story for the 10 p.m. news at the American Academy of Neurologists meeting in Hawaii.

    To introduce young and old to the wonders of neurology, there was a booth set up with an EKG machine and technicians giving demonstrations. They would stick wires on your head and show you your brainwaves.

    I sat down and said, “I want to try to bring my brain to ALPHA, and maybe THETA.” The lady hooked up the electrodes to my scalp and I started “PRIMING.” This is a mental visualization exercise used at Hawaii Remote Viewers' Guild to induce inclined orbit between ALPHA and THETA.

    It was difficult with a TV camera focused on me in front of a crowd of spectators in a bright noisy place, but I did manage to get a very nice quiet ALPHA state, with some THETA. The technician was impressed.

    So after we unhooked me from the EKG I began chatting with her about brain waves, and how Theta is a jumping off point for some interesting experiences…like (dare I mention this at a conference of Neurologists?) Remote Viewing.

    Her reaction was favorable, so I continued.

    I said, “I’ve been working with a guy for more than a decade who was in US Army Special Forces Intelligence.” I explained that he was listening to Morse Code back in the late 1970’s and it apparently induced a certain brainwave state that allowed him to perceive sensory images across time and space. I said the military knew that other Morse intercept operators had reported this phenomenon.

    She seemed accepting.

    So our conversation continued. I explained that I believe my friend was provided some type of biofeedback and electronic stimulation that enhanced his ability to achieve this state that allowed remote viewing to occur.

    She nodded and said, “Yes, of course.”

    I was quite surprised that she would be aware of this because any time we ask Glenn Wheaton (former Special Forces remote viewer) about it he changes the subject. It is something he will not discuss. (I believe using electronic tonal stimulation and biofeedback to enhance RV is still classified.) So I asked her, “How do you know about this?”

    She told me her son is in Recon Marines, and they cross-trained with Special Forces, and he was introduced to remote viewing and biofeedback.

    This exchange was interesting to me for two reasons. First, it confirms that the military did not just employ remote viewing at one program at Ft. Meade, and continued to use it after the Ft. Meade effort folded its tent. The lady told me her son- a Recon Marine- was trained as a remote viewer by US Army Special Forces.

    It is also interesting to me because she was aware her son the Marine had been given electronic feedback/stimulation to enhance brainwave state and RV ability.

    I’ll always remember something Glenn told me standing outside the old Hawaii Remote Viewers’ Guild classroom in Kalihi years ago. Several of the viewers in one of the original classes had just performed well on a validation target. Glenn said something along the lines of “you guys re really amazing. You are able to do that all on your own with no help. It’s quite remarkable.”

    I asked what he meant, and I still recall his exact phrase. “You guys are plowing a field with a teaspoon. You could use a tractor, but it’s not available to you.”

    I believe some of us need to find some civilian researchers who have biofeedback/brainwave technology, get them up to speed on remote viewing and design a way to achieve and maintain the proper inclined orbit at theta using electronic stimulation and feedback to remote view.

    I'll have more to say as this thread develops...

    Link to the story I did:

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    Interesting; so have you kept in contact with this lady? Hearing what her son has to say, if he is not bound to some secrecy pact, would be interesting; or anything at all that did not give away any secrets would be good as well.

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    Tony Guest


    Hi Dick,

    Several years ago Pat and I met a man who claimed that he was a remote viewer for a Navy Seal team.He said that some Seal teams have remote viewers assigned to them. They have a different name than remote viewer, probably for a good reason. He also stated that some of the remote viewers have specialized detection skills.For instance, he was skilled in the detection of chemicals.

    He was reluctant to describe the methodology the Seals used to remote view, citing the non-disclosure agreement. He seemed believable and gave us some details of a mission in which his team was inserted into Iran. He said the other members of the team were killed or captured.He was able to escape but was later detained. He was able to gain his release be claiming that he was an Italian national and then made his way to Turkey where he secured passage on a commercial vessel.

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    Aloha Dick, Tony & Robert,

    I know several Recon/Seal types that had access to the training but I don't think I would publicly name them. Considering the heat I have gotten over the years I don't think I would wish that on them.


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