I slept most of yesterday and today; sleeping so many hours is conducive to dreaming.

I dreamed I was walking with Krishnamuriti and we were having this wonderful conversation about life and I was repeating what he said to make sure I understood the gist of it; now, trying to recapture it I cannot remember a thing he said.

The dream shifted and I am in deep space looking at ALL the planets revolving around the sun; they are all aligned and I understand they each have a musical note; I can play them like a xylophone. This cosmic scene shifts and I see another solar system but instead of nine planets there are many, many, more, at least fifteen or so but they are not aligned and when I touch each one they give off a sound, like Chinese voices singing. The music reminds me of a CD I own called “Presence,” I use for meditation.

Another dream shift and it is a strange one.

I am in Minnesota, or it looks like it. I am on a huge boat that is more like a barge but at the same time acts as a bridge over the Mississippi River. It occurs to me that I should claim salvage rights. There is a young lady, News reporter there talking to me and I tell her my plans to keep the barge/bridge open until the new bridge is constructed.

Now the dream takes on a strange twist; I am walking under the bridge with two other men, one who also wants to claim salvage rights. We walk past an old ruin that looks very much like a Roman ruin from ages past. It is not really that old; I seem to know it is a reconstruction build a few years back and abandoned and falling apart. I comment “I would not like to be inside that thing as it looks dangerous!”

Suddenly I am under the bridge again and it looks ancient and there is an earth quake and stones are falling and the earth seems to be opening in places. I get close to a stone pillar and hug it thinking getting close will afford me some protection but it does not. A hole opens up in a large stone wall and I see some people escaping through it. I also escape through it but on the other side are huge creatures like dinosaurs from the past that we have to hide from.

The dream shifts several more times but I cannot remember the scenes except for one where I am trying to read something, a page from a book, and realize that you can’t read in a dream because the sentences/words keep changing. I try to read it anyway thinking “I can do this!”