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    Aloha All,

    Time seems to be rushing along. Dick is making the final tweaks to his presentation and it is looking very nice. It should be well received at this years conference. We have a sizable group heading to Las Vegas this year, as far as I know it should be Glenn, Daughter Courtney, Dick, Debra, Maria, Jason, Pat , Tony, Dave, Kam, and Jim. Courtney Brown is also heading in from Atlanta but he is only there for 1 day then he has to head home. Besides the conference itself we need to see what other events we may be attending. There are suggestions to hit the indoor skydiving tower as well as trying to catch Mystere possibly on Sunday night. Anyway if you have ideas let us know. Some folks will be staying at the Orleans and others at the Green Valley and we will have at least one rental car. There is also shopping (Boot Barn?) and the strip so we should try and plan what we can ahead of time.

    Roulette needs some work and we will only have one more rehearsal before we leave. Phil the croupier wiped the table with the Monday night's class so we will have to do better than that. So get your minds right and let's see how we do at the next rehearsal.

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    Good Luck!
    Hope you all have a chance to BREAK THE BANK (:-)


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    Default No conference for me...

    Unfortunately I am not able to go this year, will miss you all.

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    Dick Allgire Guest

    Default Next year


    You will have to come next year, when Debra presents on that target we just worked. That ought to "wow" the audience.


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    Hey Jim. Work the target we have posted. I'm sure you'll do fine.


    GOOD LUCK TO ALL at the conference...especially at the Wheel and Black Jack if thats your thing. MAKE SOME MONEY!

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