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    I have lost touch with a lot of my old friends from back in the in day in Utah.

    From 1974 to 1978 I played in a band with a drummer named "Snuffy." David Clark. When I moved to Hawaii I lost touch with him, and had not spoken with him or really thought much about him for 25 years.

    Last Friday I was walking to my car after work, out alone in a parking lot. Suddenly I thought of Snuffy. I had several memories of him, out of the blue.

    Today, I got an email from a friend and former bandmate, telling me that Snuffy passed away. He died on Friday.


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    Interesting how that happens. I will call my Aunt, the last of the living relatives on my late mothers side, and she will say, "I was just thinking about you and was going to call." The same thing happened yesterday when I checked in on her. She was going through some old things getting rid of this and that, when she came across some old letters, some from me, some from my son, when I called. She said again, "I was just thinking about you."

    Talk about being interconnected! Do we live in a world of "entanglement?" Maybe you will dream of him now, playing in a band, somewhere out there...


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