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Thread: How does the remote viewer access information

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    Tony Guest

    Default How does the remote viewer access information

    Aloha Glenn,

    It was great seeing you all at the conference. Dick' s presentation was outstanding!

    Pursuant to our discussion on the mechanism by which information is acquired during remote viewing, I just came across a description which seems in part to coincide with your theory.

    In the book, The Key: A True Encounter, Whitley Streiber relates a conversation with a stranger which covered among other subjects, how psychic processes function.

    The stranger claims that the nervous system is filled with an electromagnetic field (plasma?) and this field extends a few centimeters above the skin. The field is in quantum superposition which in effect means "the electrons are everywhere in the universe and nowhere specific". This field may be "imprinted by information from anywhere and any time." However, the field can be caused to fall out of superposition as data is being processed. Attention must be balanced so as to not allow the field "to be focused into particulate form." "You must be able to watch and not watch at the same time." This will allow the uninterrupted flow of information which is then delivered by the nervous system to the area of the brain closest to the pineal gland where the field is centered.

    The necessary balancing of attention to allow the continual flow of impressions may be the reason David Morehouse stated that when at target it was necessary to keep the focus moving.

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    Aloha Tony,

    It was indeed a pleasure to see you and Pat again, it will be a very good day when you two return to the islands. On to your question.

    If we can use just a few iterations of “Occam’s Razor” I believe we can use the simplicity of logic to obtain an answer. When we look about this old Universe we find it to be overwhelmingly Electric and Magnetic. Without the particle and the wave literally nothing could happen anywhere. Our Universe would be inert and dead, a terrible waste of space. When we Remote View we have set our mind in motion to a task that could not be as complex as some may think. More than likely it is quite simple. My current beliefs lie in the realm of “Eggman” theory. That being that consciousness is actually a prime dimension in the Universe. It seems to imply that all life and mass share a 5th dimension of consciousness. Let me give an “analogy” or a “what if”.

    Consider that at some point our Universe came into being and at that point in time there was no life or sentience anywhere. The Universe itself at its formation was an inconceivable plasma tempest with electromagnetic forces and mass colliding in an injection event and not a Big Bang. Plasma is the 4th state of matter and the bridge for mass to the forces of the electric and the magnetic. Without plasma you literally could not hold a charge and any electric activity within mass would be destructive to the soft tissues of pulsing physical life. Worse than that, without plasma there could not be soft tissues to pulse with life or anything else. If we look at the human we find an electromagnetic wonder surrounded by a soft glowing shell of a plasma field.

    In Eggman the conscious dimension shares an edge of the same cloth as space and time. There is no reason whatsoever to believe that time is any different from space. It is a distinct possibility that consciousness would be the Prime dimension where the Universe itself exists to facilitate consciousness. In the primeval Universe the great Conscious field would be the lure that cajoled mass and the electric to seek sentience. It would be analogous to the wolf climbing the snow covered mountain to get as close as he could to howl the moon. The wolf knows there is something greater and the calling is one he must answer. It is a primal call and you and I both know that to embrace it he must evolve. To all the mass and electromagnetics in this Universe the greater Consciousness field is a moon of sorts to the wolves of mass. It is the order needed to interrupt the chaos. The greater consciousness field is the architect potential that forces chaos to seek sentience. What sentience you obtain would be the direct result of the available types of mass and its current state. The greater consciousness field would be the subliminal voice to small particles to align and learn to hold electric charges. Epoch and millennia would pass but somewhere sometime along the way systems of non sentient mass would exchange what was needed to achieve a coherent sense of being. It is the way of it. Science has created life in the laboratory but it didn’t happen without mass, electrics, chemicals, or magnetics. Besides all that it was a sentient being attempting to replicate the creation of sentience. Imagine that.

    An interesting thing about plasma is that it can be shaped by the mass it encases. It is a tailoring that can allow some synapses to pass while blocking others. Plasma has a defined purpose and will interact and merge with greater fields of plasma. I firmly believe that plasma is the only thing that allows you to maintain a sense of individual self. Without it we are nothing more than the Borg of Star Trek. Just outside the shell of our plasma barrier lays the greater consciousness field. It rings that plasma may be more than it seems, it may in fact be the footprint of the conscious dimension.

    I have said many times that your ability to remote view is not limited by who you are, but by what you are. In remote viewing it is not what you think, but how you think. To reach the greater field of consciousness you must breech the plasma surrounding your own sentient self. You must learn to think beyond yourself and embrace a greater sense within consciousness. It sounds pretty nebulous but there is absolutely no evidence to disprove it. In the same way you are not limited by the speed of light in your own mind, once in the greater consciousness field you find an expanded mind likewise not shackled by the limitation of the photon. It is evident that many actually listen to the greater field of consciousness and experience precognitive events or memories moving forward and backward through space time.

    When you remote view you displace a small portion of your own sentient awareness beyond the plasma shroud and literally change your observational perspective by learning to shift within the dimensions of this conscious Universe. You must learn to think the unthinkable. While some will only think and view in a small way, others will step out much like De Gama, Magellan, and Cartier and sail the waters towards the greater moon glow. A place for the howlers.


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    Tony Guest


    Thanks Glenn. There is a lot to ponder here. I would also like to mention that the man Whitley spoke with said that there is a conscious energy. It is a part of the energy spectrum, electromagnetic in nature. It apparently permeates the universe and is susceptible to detection and manipulation.

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    Aloha Tony,

    An interesting premise and one I wouldn’t disagree with. Our existence as conscious beings can’t be just the only model or expression of consciousness in the Universe.


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    This sounds very interesting; I'll have to give it another read; you lost me way back at "Aloha Tony."
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