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Thread: Teaching Remote Viewing Is Fun

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    Default Teaching Remote Viewing Is Fun

    I've been working with a new guy, Dave from Central Oahu, who is doing really good Visual Ideograms. He sent me one tonight that just knocked my socks off and made me smile.

    The target was an astronaut with the earth behind him, as seen from the space shuttle. Check out Dave's VISID, which is the gestaltic capture of the target in a one second visual.

    He got the tiny astronaut in front of the big round earth, framed by structure. And notice he did not close the top of the rectangle. The cargo bay doors were open! This is a very good Visual Ideogram that once again makes the case for remote viewing, and particularly capture of visual data on Blackboard. Good work Dave.
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    Your right, it IS good. This new fellow will make a great addition to the Guild; he shows great promise already.

    I've noticed some Ideograms seem to bypass the general gestalt and go right for near complete pictures.


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