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Thread: I'll be darned...

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    Default I'll be darned...

    It seems that my problem has been that I recently switched over to Google Chrome. I cannot access this board in any way from Google Chrome. Maybe some kind of firewall issue? I'm using just plain Internet Explorer right now and not one single problem.

    Whew! Good to be back!

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    Yea, I just tried IE as well and find no problems but I like Google Chrome. I find that all I have to do at HRVG is highlight the address and hit enter twice and I get through. I don't much care for Internet Explorer or maybe I've just grown used to Google Chrome.

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    Aloha Michele,

    I am glad you sorted it out Mozilla Mozilla Mozilla


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    Hi Michele,

    There is a "known" bug in this version of vBulletin (version 4.07) that interferes with Chrome. I added some work-around code Saturday to improve the situation. Chrome works better now, but I find that when I'm presented with a message like "Click here if your browser does not redirect you"... I'm usually happier if I "click here".

    Version 4.07 is the latest that we own, but it has quite a few bugs that were fixed in later versions. If people find this version too difficult to work with, we may need to get the current update or revert to the version we had previously.


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    Hi Dave,

    How much is the newer software?

    I am about to put a post to try to collect dues.


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    Default I'll take a look.

    I'll check it out. They list the prices for new users online, but we may get a discount because we already own a version.

    They've taken the blog support out of the standard license and now sell it as part of the "Publishing Suite", so I'll have to call them to get the right numbers.

    (I'm late for my July dues, so I'll probably work my part into any purchase for convenience. -Oops! Time flies!)


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    Default Google Chrome


    Tonite, I'm in with Google Chrome...Thanks!

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    Default Discussion Group Updates

    We're upgrading the vBulletin software for the discussion group to version 4.1.15.

    It's partially ready, but it will take a bit of time to have everything online. Please bear with us! (...well, with me!) while the work is in progress.


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    Is it possible to add a chat room?

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