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    Aloha All,

    Monday night’s class was a series of 5 exercises in S-7 Annex-A in preparation for the upcoming project. It is very important during the train up to the project that each of you execute the S-7 Annex-A exercise in the exact same way each time. By doing so we will be able to get an idea of how the Navigators will scale out during the calibration phase. It is now that all questions should be raised and resolved. On September 1st we will post a solicitation for viewers outside the Guild to participate. I have reserved 2 Navigator slots and 1 of the 3 alternate slots for others in the community who would like to volunteer for the project. The Guild will host the Targeteering as well as the Analysis effort. The Cartier Mélange project will be the major project effort for this year so please limit your participation in other projects if possible. That is not an order but a request.

    Sita is rehearsing the requirements for the Targeteer so look for more practice rehearsals not only in class but also published here on the website.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glenn B. Wheaton View Post
    Aloha All,

    On August 1st we will post a solicitation for viewers outside the Guild to participate. =Glenn
    August 1st or September 1st. Your post is dated August 10

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    Aloha Michele. You are very correct lol I will correct it to September...


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