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    Default About P7K2-C5U3

    I had the chance to view Debraís and Daveís session (P7K2-C5U3) and I am amazed. She got two good drawings of a BIRD and two references to Diamonds. Dave got lots of references to water and dam like structures. This is interesting because I also drew two dam structures and a pipe line. I also drew in my S5 a volcano whose center was illuminated with a pale blue color. There are no craters, meteor or asteroid, anywhere near the Ozark Dam where the dead birds were found; there is however an extinct volcano that produced diamonds and is 170 miles from the Dam. The volcano is a tourist attraction where people can go for a small fee, and hunt for diamonds. It is the only crater known to exist in Arkansas. There is also a pipe line near the Dam as well but I have not been able to find a photo of it. Iíve not yet seen the other sessions people produced but at this point I donít think HARPP has anything to do with the birds or fish dying; just my opinion. I think it has more to do with plain old ordinary pollution.

    Any other opinions out there?

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    What I found interesting in my S2, B1 Cell-"Telegraphic device, energy producing result" and in my B phaseline-"energy producing result" corraborates Dick's HAARP theory.

    In my S2, Cell A5, Textures, I write "moving, amorphous". Amorphous is not a word in my regular vocabulary. Definition-
    a : having no definite form : shapeless <an amorphous cloud mass>

    I thought this was important.


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    Default Target Feedback?

    Can someone post the target feedback? I didn't do the subcue because I was overcome by events. From the chatter here, looks to be a good decision because my first session could be pretty dead on...I would hate to have blown it just not having my head in the right place

    But, I never rec'd the target feedback?

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    Phil Guest

    Default S7a

    Dick, Can you provide the coordinates or reference points for your 4 cities. I would like to work on my fixes.


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    Dick Allgire Guest

    Default Out Sick

    Hi Folks,
    I need to provide feedback, plot the S-7 LOBS and get all the sessions published.

    I lost all of last week. I had the Black Plague. I'm just recovering.


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    Can anyone please point me to the published session? Is it public yet?

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