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    Michele said: >I got zapped by an unexpected lucid dreaming event last night and because I was unprepared; I couldn't draw it.<

    I tried to reply to your post but it would not let me post another attachment; I had to open a new thread to attach.

    I too got zapped by an unexpected dream; it came close to becoming lucid but not quite.
    See attachment.

    Imagine if you can the most beautiful water falls in the world magnified a thousand time times. You are THERE. I had such a dream last night. I am in a car and My step father who has been dead for many years, is driving. I wish it HAD turned lucid. I would like to have talked to him and asked
    why I was having that dream.

    Look at the last photo on the bottom right and imagine you are driving down this paved road way.
    The falls parallels the road for as far as you can see and it is ONLY FEET AWAY! Water is running over the road way but it is drivable.
    Looking to your left you see the other scenes all melded together, a feat that only can happen in a dream state. Magnify it by a thousand times
    and perhaps you can imagine how magical it all was.

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    Really beautiful Robert. I'm not a big fan of lucid dreaming. I truly prefer meditation. It too has to be built up and can be taxing on the body as well. But, I tend to feel in better control of the event. I would not post my memories of this most recent lucid dream; although I will remember it very well. That's because there was so much to capture - as Glenn's post above delves into a bit. I find that trying to come out of a lucid dream ..I can't move fast enough to get to something to record the data.

    I'm truly at a point where I can set a schedule and hope to keep it. Famous last words. But, even in the real all of my workplaces...I always find that a little journaling a note taking always provides an interesting feedback loop. So, as I have not meditated to speak of in decades, I will be starting from ground zero once more and maybe that's a good thing. I need to learn to draw and perhaps that is when I need to get my book out and do basic drawing after a meditation session. Less focus on a practice or an active target. No time frames to meet. Just a daily bit of meditation and doing some art work. That way my brain learns to handshake higher levels of consciousness with the task of writing and drawing.

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    Dick Allgire Guest


    Sometimes I get lucid dreams very early in the morning, when I wake up and go back to sleep. I see the visual that I associate with RV and realize it for what it is, and tell myself to keep watching. It is a good idea to have a target ID close


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    That's very true. Even though I don't remember my dreams, I know when I slept well and when I didn't. I have always honed in on that with meditation. Trying to capture those 'dreams' through recall during meditation.

    I'm trying to put a realistic schedule together now. Small amounts of time first.

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