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Thread: the past is the future

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    Cool the past is the future

    Quote from one of the Thomas Campbell/My Big TOE forums I thought was interesting:

    I do know that there are a significant quantity of experiments out there by Leibovici, Jahn, Dunne, and others, including the delayed choice Physics experiments, that appear to "prove" backward causation. The trick to the result, it seems, is that the past that is influenced must be "unobserved" by the conscious observer. They must not know the result of the past they are trying to influence. This leads me to believe that in some way the unobserved past is also a probable past, not existing until it is observed in the "present". In some ways the "past" is also the "future" in these instances.

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    Aloha Jim,

    A nice quote to trigger a thought or two. It seems quotes about the past and the future always leave out the present. Space/Time presents us a road that we are not quite sure where we are actually at on it. Any event we perceive is not really a pinpoint observation but more of a smear due to simple mental cogitation. Perhaps there really isn’t a present for humans. We cannot see the final texture of time, it seems to elude observation.


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