Aloha All,

Monday night's class was once again on the topic of Entrainment. I spent several hours Monday morning designing a "Visible Entrainment". It was my intention to demonstrate the existence of abstract linkers in a fixed entrained environment. For the purpose of the demonstration I wanted those present to see a visible effect and get a sense of the entrainment in progress.

The environment to be entrained was a small area with a full size roulette wheel and playboard. Introduced into the environment were 2 chess pieces (pawns). It was my intention to entrain/entangle one with the other. One pawn was blue and one was white. The concept of entrainment was that the blue pawn would be placed in a position on the playboard determined by the fall of the ball in the spinning roulette wheel. The subsequent roulette play would determine the location of the white pawn.

I explained that this would be an exercise of proximity with randomness made more malleable by a state of "Affinity" that had been established between the two chess pieces. That affinity would only exist within the entrainment field. It was the intent that the entrainment be made visible by the placement of the two pawns on the playboard and the distance between their locations as determined by the roulette ball and wheel.

Both the ball and wheel were spun in opposite directions and when the wheel slowed and the ball dropped it settled on Black 28. The blue pawn was placed in the field at that location. The ball and wheel were spun again and as the wheel slowed the ball dropped and settled once again on Black 28. The white pawn was then placed beside the blue pawn in the field.

The discussion that followed lead to several exercises where different people would keep the field active. By using the ball and wheel to reposition the location of the blue pawn the group could literally see the entrainment as each subsequent roulette play repositioned the white pawn alongside the blue pawn on the field.

In this entrainment randomness not only yielded but also became complicit in allowing affinity to exist and culminate in the field.

This is perhaps the most complex entrainment application to date in the Guild. More discussion is warranted. I would like to hear from some of you who were there. What did you see and what do you believe about entrainment applicability? What can you design?