It has been a bit quiet on the surface since the IRVA. (We are still waiting for Glenn's post about the conference.)

But we have been VERY busy. We have a lot of life and energy in the guild and good stuff in the breach. There is a presentation coming about the HRVG work on the IRVA conference Outbounder Target. Some very nice work. Look for preliminary publication in Aperture.

Since the conference, we have been hunkered down in a rainforest mountain retreat above Honolulu. The wind has been howling every day, the rains sheeting down in sudden, angry squalls. Debra's Bed & Breakfast RV Retreat and goofy black dog dog rescue center. Debra has been training a most amazing RV student from Asia, and I have been helping. The work is paying off. We have a new operational viewer in the guild, a new teammate for MJ001.

We have two amazing projects that will come out of this intensive work. Dave Barnes in Maryland did some great work on one of the projects. Hitomi was the full moon in July, the gravitation pull of her sub, sheer force of her intense desire to RV well.

On top of the two op targets that emerged, I think we managed to get a semi-coherent presentation of basic analysis training recorded to video. Perhaps the most complex and time consuming-yet important part of our protocol methodology. I'm editing that this week.

We've been busier than the bees in Debra's garden, and will have a lot to show in coming months. It's a good time to view, early in the evening in Hawaii, when the wind howls and the moon is rising, but Sidereal 13:30 is at it's best. At the chilly dawn, petite viewers need two blankets, oversized sweat pants, and a firm grip on reality after struggling with bilocation, when things we've never seen, seem familiar.

Zoltan, Mission Manager of MJ001. Get ready. The work will begin soon.Chain of custody. Valid targets cued professionally under blind protocol. No interpretation. Real analysis...

With thanks and peaceful blessing from Hitomi,

The Hawaii Remote Viewers Guild.