Are there hidden meanings in target ID’s?
Not in any targets that I personally cue and task. And for anyone who works one of my targets, let me talk about that a bit.

Every target ID I use is created by a random generator.

Here is one of the tools I use:

I have an iPhone app that generates random alpha-numeric sequences.

I have found if I sit down and just pick letters and/or numbers at random (closing my eyes and pointing at the keyboard, or scrambling a word) the ID's SEEM different. Don't make an anagram or acronym of a key word in the target cue. I would never do that. Each target ID I create is generated randomly. On a rare occasion, if the random sequence does come up with something that seems suggestive, or "non-random" or the letters spell something out, I will sometimes discard the ID and generate a new one. As a viewer, you should be able to get past that, and trust the target is the target, and not what the ID seems to suggest in some kind of acronym but why create mind games? Don't get cute.

Sometimes ID's get spit out that seem difficult to retain in short term memory, say for example CTVZ-ZTCG. Try saying that to yourself and memorizing it. Something about the "ee" sounds give me a hard time.

I will never intentionally put a coded message in a target ID, like HI for Hawaii, or NSA for a spy target, or PPL for a people target. There are all kinds of reasons for not doing this, which should be obvious.

So if you see DC in the ID, it will not mean Washington, D.C. is in any way involved. I make sure to keep mind games out of the targeteering process. This is hard enough, and tricky enough as it is. The target ID has to have meaning to you, but the only meaning should be a representation of the target on a subconscious level.

The viewer needs absolute, complete confidence that the target ID represents only the target that is to be worked, with no hidden messages, no clues or hints. You have to be able to sit down, address that target ID, and have a completely blank expectation when you go to blackboard.