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Thread: Target-A-Day: Saw God In A Galaxy

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    I did another target as darkness fell in Hawaii. Started working as the sun was going down, in my room with only natural light. There is something about the gradually dimming light. Darkness comes quickly at this latitude, but it dims imperceptibly. That seems to allow me to get really clear visuals at the moment I canít see what Iím writing/drawing on the paper.
    It doesn't seem to work when I start with this dim light, but the natural progression of darkness seems to pull me into a target visually.

    Of course I had no idea what this target ID might be. (MLVW-NEPA) Iím pulling targets off the old target pages from 8 years ago, that I never worked. This is not really a suitable target for a full session through S-4 Edging. This is a target you would give new students for only VISUAL IDEOGRAM.

    I plodded through the session and found the target quite boring. But in that special moment when the room got almost dark, I popped into this one and it was spectacular. I saw an exquisitely beautiful pulsing radiant blue ring of light. It was not static. It pulsed and expanded, dimmed and then radiated. It seemed alive in a (dare I say?) cosmic way. It was one of the most memorable visuals of my RV career.
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