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Thread: Monday Class- How and why RV works

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    Default Monday Class- How and why RV works

    Tonight Glenn spoke for 90 minutes explaining and illustrating a model of how remote viewing actually works.

    After 9 years of class lectures, countless targets, projects, experiments, this was for me a riveting elucidation of what this has all been about. I finally made sense of something Glenn stated in his first introductory lecture in 1997. (Everything is about communication.) And I finally heard what has been missing in the remote viewing world for so long- any attempt to shape a theory for how this works.

    Throughout the class a pawn sat on number Red 25 on the guild roulette wheel on the table in the center of the classroom. It was the icing on the cake when Glenn had Jared spin the wheel (2nd try) and the ball stopped in Red 25. Affinity. Resonance. Wave Propagation. Entrainment.

    Interesting night- thanks Glenn.


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    Aloha Dick,

    At sometime along the way any Remote Viewer should be wondering "How is it all possible"? I am amazed that there is not an enormous pressure back up the chain to the trainers to give more than instruction but to provide cause and effect. It's a dark time for Remote Viewing in the United States with no Academic presence conducting viable research of any sort.

    It has been a joy these 9 years to work with our people on problem after problem as we have addressed what we need to know to understand what it is we do when we Remote View. The "Universe Electric" as well as "Wave Propagation Theory" and the 4th State of matter "Plasma" like other words, terms, concepts, and ideas that have migrated into the greater RV community from the HRVG, will take some time for acceptance but the strength of the theory should carry it well into the next few years.

    At some point we must be willing to let the "Magic" of it all go and adopt an adult understanding of cause and effect in the Remote Viewing process. Along the way we have quantified related phenomena such as Tagging, Masking, Entrainment, and advanced concepts of Targeting and Analysis, and now we are exploring models to change the past. It is not only an evolution of ideas but of applications. We have come a long way and we have done more good than harm.

    Nine years ago I told you all that the secret to life is communication. I remember I stated clearly that the human really only does a single thing. It communicates. The longest day of your life as you travel the longest road there will be nothing that you see, say, or do along the way, at any level, from the macrocosm of the universe to the microcosm of the synapses firing across the nerve fields servicing your awareness of reality, that is not outright, or a facilitation of communications. It is the way of it.

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