Much has been said about the Nondisclosure Agreement between Military service members and the government. I have decided to post a real example of this agreement so that the fine print can be read and understood. It is a very serious document. Just because one has left active duty does not mean that you are released from your responsibility to SafeGuard Defense information.

Following is a re-creation of said document: (Too small? Here's just the text in a bigger font)

1. Intending to be legally bound, I hereby accept the obligations contained in this agreement in consideration of my being granted access to classified information. As used in the agreement, classified information is information  that is either classified or classifiable under the standards of Executive Order 12356, or under any other executive order or statute that prohibits the unauthorized disclosure of information in the interest of national security. I understand and accept that by being granted access to classified information, special confidence and trust shall be placed in me by the United States government.

2. I hereby acknowledge that I have received a security indoctrination concerning the nature and protection of classified information to be followed in ascertaining whether other persons to whom I contemplate disclosing this information have been approved for access to it, and that I understand these procedures.

3. I have been advised and am aware that direct or unauthorized disclosure unauthorized retention or negligent handling of classified information by me could cause irreparable injury to the United States or could be used to advantage by a foreign nation. I hereby agree that I will never divulge such information unless I have officially verified that the recipient has been properly authorized by the United States Government to receive it or I have been given prior written notice of authorization from the United State Government Department or Agency (hereinafter Department or Agency) last granting me a security clearance that such disclosure is permitted. I further  understand that I am obligated to comply with laws and regulations that prohibit the unauthorized disclosure of classified information.

4. I have been advised and am aware that any breach of this agreement may result in the termination of any security clearances I hold, removal from any position of special confidence and trust requiring such clearances, and the termination of my employment and other relationships with the Departments or Agencies that granted my security clearances. In addition , I have been advised and am aware that any unauthorized disclosure of classified information by me may constitute a violation of violations of United States criminal laws, including the provisions of Sections 641, 793, 794, 798, and 952 Title 18 United States Code, the provisions of Sections 783 (b), Title 50, United States code, and the provisions of the Intelligence identities Prosecution Act of 1982. I recognize that nothing in the agreement constitutes a waiver by the United States of the right to prosecute me for any statutory violation.

5. I hereby assign to the United States Government all royalties, remunerations, and emoluments that have resulted, will result, or  may result from any disclosure, publication, or revelation not consistent with the terms of this agreement.

6. I understand that the United States Government may seek any remedy available to it to enforce this agreement including but not limited to, application for a court order prohibiting disclosure of information in breach of this agreement.

7. I understand that all information to which I may obtain access by signing this agreement is now and will forever remain the property of the United States Government. I do not now, nor will I ever, possess any right, interest, title, or claim whatsoever to such information. I agree that I shall return all materials which have or may have come into my possession or for which I am responsible because of such access, upon demand by an authorized representative of the United States Government or upon the conclusion of my employment or other relationship with the Department or Agency that last granted me a security clearance.  I understand that this may be a violation of section  793, Title 18, United States Code, a United States criminal law.

8. Unless and until  I am released in writing by an authorized representative of the United States Government, I understand that all conditions an obligations imposed upon me by this agreement apply during the time I am granted access to classified information, and at all times thereafter.

9. Each provision of this agreement is severable. If a court should find any provision of this agreement to be unenforceable, all other provisions of this agreement shall remain in full force and effect.

10. I have read this agreement carefully and my questions, if any, have been answered to my satisfaction. I acknowledge that the briefing officer has made available to me Sections 641, 793, 794, 798, and 952 of Title 18, United States Code, Section 783 (b) of Title 50, United States Code, the Intelligence Identities Protection Act of 1982; and Executive Order 12356, so that I may read them at this time if I so choose.

11. I make this agreement without mental reservation or purpose of evasion.